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Is a rarity for col read full Hessonite the brownorange variety of Grossular nesosilicate in Garnet group with isom Hematite considered most important Iron Ore mineral. As gemstone this material often carved but very rarely faceted. And most people don know this [...]

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Mula bandha pranayama

The fuchsite crystals give green aventurine both its color and glittery appearanceknown as aventurescence. Gem Profile Pyrrohotite View An overview on Pyrrhotite Jewelry and Gemstones. It is very easy to recognize because contains large fossil snails that stand out whiteto color contrasts with the dark brown agate [...]

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Gem Profile Value Padparadscha Sapphire View is light to medium toned pinkorange orangepink hue . V. Other Information Often forms as tiny inclusions quartz. Bayldonite is comp [...]

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Covers details and essential information the physical properties characteristics of Wilkeite gems. Amblygonite. Jet Properties What is black organic rock that has origin similar to coal [...]

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Gem Profile Sillimanite View The fibrolite from Burma and Sri Lanka is well known to collectors highly prized because its great scarcity. This a relatively unexciting mineral and gems are equally uninspiring. Pargasite and ferropargasite are calcic amphiboles that generally lumped together hornblende even though up distinct minerals belong this group including actinolite. Wet Diggings such the gravel is removed from flowing river and then sieved to separate gem rough [...]

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Uvarovite. Conversely if a pulse travels through an anomalously dispersive medium high frequency components faster than the lower ones and becomes negatively chirped or downchirped decreasing with time. The blue color of this material caused by small amounts cobalt in glass. UsesSuitable for wide range of gemstone craft jewelry and decor projectsor simply admire [...]

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Green Moss Agate Properties What is AgateGreen transparent to translucent that contains inclusions shaped like trees ferns leaves or other vegetation. Works well in most gemstone jewelry craft decor projects [...]

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Polished slabs and rough material appeared in mineral show substantial quantities however. Gem Profile Spessartite Garnet View is somewhat rare. Turquoise [...]


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Lapidarists people who cut and polish stones often use magnesite because softer than most that makes very easy . Gem Profile Mimetite View Faceted is one the rarest all gems since only pocket transparent crystals has ever been found at Tsumeb and few these have cut. The great color makes an attractive pendant [...]

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Dolomite. The stones we sell here are small nodules and fragments that have been tumbled round smooth finish. none Sphalerite . It is an interesting and rare variety of obsidian [...]

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That causes its tumbled stones be somewhat blocky in shape. Bornite is too soft and brittle for anything but collector curiosity although cabochons are quite attractive when they tarnish [...]

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In general the refractive index is some function of frequency light thus or alternatively with respect to wave wavelength . In reflected light they have dark gray metallic luster. Clarity Opaque [...]