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Lex pompeia - When an action has its origin fraud deceit cannot be supported thus court of law will assist man who bases his course immoral illegal . Subsequently on the death of Flaccus Pomponius propraetor Syria letter from emperor was read in which complained that all best men who were fit command armies declined service thus necessarily driven intreaties by some exconsuls might prevailed take provinces. The title of father his country which people had so often thrust on him Tiberius refused nor would allow obedience to sworn enactments though Senate voted for said repeatedly that human things were uncertain and more obtained precarious was position

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BCE Sulpicia The Slave War of Spartacus famous and trained gladiator who led class rebellion against Rome attempted flight freedom. O. The struggle was hottest round eagles which could neither be carried in face of storm missiles nor planted miry soil. Not less sorrowful were those who remained | Pliny: Letters - Book 10 (b) - Attalus

But for my plan of referring each event to its own year should feel strong impulse anticipate matters and once relate the deaths by which Latinius Opsius other authors this atrocious deed perished some after Caius became emperor while Tiberius yet ruled. Often falsely attributed to the Hippocratic Oath though its true source is probably paraphrase from Hippocrates Epidemics where wrote Declare past diagnose present foretell future practice these acts. It is thy spirit Divine Augustus now received into heaven thine image father Drusus and remembrance of thee which with these same soldiers who are stimulated by shame ambition should wipe out this blot turn wrath civil strife destruction foe

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List of Roman laws - WikipediaHannibal ante portas before the gates Refers to wasting time while enemy is already here. He gave relief as went to provinces which had been exhausted by internal feuds or the oppressions of governors. Subsequently Sulla by one of his laws provided that twenty should be elected to fill up the Senate which had intrusted judicial functions. Assuredly military service itself is burdensome and unprofitable ten ases day the value set on life limb out this clothing arms tents well mercy centurions exemptions from duty have to be purchased. Soon afterwards it was clearly seen what narrow margin there is between such science and delusion obscurity truth veiled

He ordered Cotys to be murdered and falsely represented his death as selfinflicted. In general guilt sin or fault. And indeed know as facts that the Julii came from Alba Coruncanii Camerium Porcii Tusculum not to inquire too minutely into past new members have been brought Senate Etruria Lucania whole of Italy itself was last extended Alps only single persons but entire countries tribes might united under our name. Therefore it is to advantage of Tiridates accept as gift kingdom yet unhurt by ravages war and Vologeses will better consult welfare Parthian people alliance with Rome than mutual injuries. Thereupon our cavalry was thrown into disorder by this new force and some cohorts reserve were sent which broken shock of flying troops increased panic. There is a similar remark in Cicero defence of rena. They deemed it indeed a duty to cover their altars with blood of captives and consult deities through human entrails

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He chose a position approached by narrow defile closed in at the rear forest having first ascertained that there was not soldier of enemy except his front where an open plain extended without any danger from ambuscades. Tiberius listened to this in silence and the matter was debated on both sides sharp controversy


  • Twelve candidates were named for the praetorship number which Augustus had handed down when Senate urged Tiberius increase it bound himself by oath not exceed . While the barbarian continued these tactics could safely insult baffled and exhausted Romans. Then as slowness of his end brought with grievous anguish turning eyes on Demetrius At this point Annals are broken off

    • The same year saw many impeached. sesquipedalia verba words foot and half long From Horace Ars Poetica proicit ampullas he throws down his highflown language footand ahalf . They all worshipped your image and statues of deities cursed name Christ

  • With the close of year came disquieting rumours that Parthians had again broken their bounds and were ravaging Armenia from which they driven Rhadamistus who having often possessed himself kingdom as been thrust out now relinquished hostilities. One of their chiefs Dinis an old man who well knew by long experience both strength and clemency Rome maintained that they must lay down arms this being only remedy for wretched plight was first to give himself up with wife children conqueror. Brought before the tribunal Silius sought neither defence nor delay but begged that his death might hastened

  • He at once pounced the accused went to consuls and demanded inquiry before Senate. He then acquitted Appuleia of treason. Cluvidienus Quietus Julius Agrippa Blitius Catulinus Petronius Priscus Altinus mere rank and file so to say had islands the Aegean Sea assigned them

  • Hesitating for while between shame and rage last wrote to them reply that Antistius without having been provoked by any wrong had uttered outrageous insults against sovereign demand punishment submitted Senate was right penalty should decreed proportioned offence himself inasmuch would have opposed severity sentence not obstacle leniency. The body was discovered by passing senator and sent back Rome. Originally referred to the end of Rome s dominance

  • Artabanus had now resources but in some foreigners who guarded his person men exiled from their own homes perception of honour any scruple about base act mere hireling instruments crime. Rumour said that he supported lonely exile by life of ease and plenty. ad hoc to this Generally means for in the sense of improvised on spot designed only specific immediate purpose

  • If however you are bent upon attempting peace what even after your victory the civil wars did not demand why contrary habit of obedience law discipline do meditate violence Decide sending envoys give them instructions presence. Perhaps in any other matter Senators it would be more convenient that should consulted your presence and then state what think for public good. He was dragged back from Ravenna and forced to go through the prosecution during which Tiberius did not disguise old grudge bore exile Serenus

  • Then most intimate of his freedmen were put chains and torn from him till knowing doom which impended Torquatus divided arteries arms. stipendium peccati mors est the reward of sin is death From Christopher Marlowe Tragical History Doctor Faustus. What the laws secure on behalf of every citizen had to Germanicus alone been denied

  • Some have related that these soldiers were not sent from Rome but by Lucius Asprenas proconsul of Africa authority Tiberius who had vainly hoped infamy murder might shifted . Next day the German army took up its position other side of Visurgis

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